ABB 1SAR700012R0005 DCS control system spare parts

Item No.: 1SAR700012R0005
Warranty: one year
Inventory quantity: 10 PCS
shipping port:xiamen
**PLC programmable control system spare parts
Allen-bradley:1756 1771 1785
GE:IC697 IC698
Motorola:MVME162 MVME137 MVME147

**DCS control system spare parts:
DCS distributed control system:
Invensys Foxoboro:FBM01 FBM02 FBM09 FBM10 FBM201 FBM209
Invensys Triconex:  3503E 3664 3721 3625 4351D 3700A
ABB bailey:BRC300 BRC400 BRC410 AC800 IMASI23
**Servo Control System Spare Parts:
Kollmorgen: SM71K 6SM27 AKV23F 60WKS 65WKS
Seimens: 6DD1606 6SN1118 6FC5203 6RB2000 6SC6508 6FX2007 6FM2805 6AV6542
Bosh Rexroth: HCS02.1E HMS01.1N HLB01.1C MSK060B MKE118B MSM020B MHD071B
SEW: MDX61B0022 MDS60A0040 MDF60A0015 MDV60A0015 MCH42A0220 MCV40A0075

**Robot Control System Spare Parts:
FANUC:A02B A03B A04B A05B A06B

Product quality and after-sales service:
1. Warranty: 1 year, refundable or replaceable within 20 days for product quality issues.
2. Any type of power failure/burning/physical damage/backfire seal will void the warranty.

Shipping options:
1. We can ship to all over the world, shipping costs to different areas, subject to local freight forwarders.
2. Standard order processing time is: 3 working days for stock, 20 working days for futures
3. Shipping: DHL, Federal, UPS (if you need to specify a shipping company, please contact the seller)
4. Free shipping to most areas within China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).
Normally, we will ship on the same working day, provided we have clear funds in our account. If you require this, please contact customer service.

Payment method:
2. Western Union Wire Transfer
3. PayPal
4. Credit Card  
Wire transfer: please contact us for payment instructions
International buyers who do not have PayPal: contact us before bidding
Buyers please choose the payment method according to the actual situation, if you have any questions, please contact the seller at !!!!!!

1. Q: The price of other suppliers is better than yours, why?
A: "Creating more benefits for our customers" is our belief, if you have better price. Please let us know and we will try our best to meet your price and support you.

2. Q: We haven't worked together before, how can we trust you?
A: For our first order, you can pay 50% in advance and we will pay when we are ready to deliver the goods. Payment will be made when we are ready to deliver the goods.

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ABB PM511V16 3BSE011181R1    
ABB SC510 3BSE003832R1    
ABB SC520 3BSE003816R1    
ABB SR511 3BSE000863R1    
ABB MB510 3BSE002540R1    
ABB CS513 3BSE000435R1    
ABB CI522A 3BSE018283R1    
ABB CI535V30 3BSE022162R1    
ABB SB510 3BSE000860R1    
ABB TC520 3BSE001449R1
ABB Cat. No. 3BHE029153R0101 Model No. UNS0119A-P,V101 
ABB Cat. No. 3BHE024855R0101 Model No. UFC921A101
ABB Cat. No. 3BHE020018R0101 Model UCD208A101
ABB Cat. No. 3BHE037864R0108 Model UFC911B108
ABB Cat. No. 3BHE037864R0106 Model UFC911B106
ABB Cat. No. 2UBA002322R0001 Model GDD471A001
ABB Cat. No. 3BHE026866R0101 Model UAD154A
ABB Cat. No. 3BHE024642R0101 Model GCD207B101
ABB Cat. No. 3BHE037649R0101 Model PDD500A101
ABB Cat. No. 3BHE025335R1121 Model PDD205A1121
ABB Cat. No. 3BSE013209R1 Model TB820-2V2
ABB Cat. No. 3BHE036342R0101 Model XDD501A101
ABB Cat. No. 3BHE041465P201 Model UDD406A
ABB Cat. No. 3BHE039203R0101/5SXE12-0184 Model GVC736CE101
ABB Cat. No. 3BSE018292R1 Model DSAI130A
ABB Model 3BHE027632R0101
ABB Model 3BHE024747R0101