• UCD240A101 3BHE022287R0101 PLC/DCS control system spare parts
  • UCD240A101 3BHE022287R0101 PLC/DCS control system spare parts

UCD240A101 3BHE022287R0101 PLC/DCS control system spare parts

No.UCD240A101 3BHE022287R0101
UCD240A101 3BHE022287R0101 Warranty: one year Inventory quantity:10PCS shipping port:xiamen payment:T/T
  • UCD240A101 3BHE022287R0101 PLC/DCS control system spare parts

Our Service: ABB UCD240A101 3BHE022287R0101
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  • Product Net Depth / Length:247 mm
  • Product Net Height:30 mm
  • Product Net Weight:0.92 kg
  • Product Net Width:270 mm

Company Information.
Xiamen Xingruijia Import & Export Co.
Tax ID: 91350206699948937P
Address: Room 609, No. 510, Xin'ao Road, Xiang'an District, Xiamen
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Contact method for service
1. 24 hours to receive a reply by email (12 hours);
2.Whatsapp or WeChat customer service chat messages, reply within 2 hours.
3.Manager: Jenny 
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Product quality and after-sales service:
1. Warranty: 1 year, refundable or replaceable within 20 days for product quality issues.
2. Any type of power failure/burning/physical damage/backfire seal will void the warranty.

Shipping options:
1. We can ship to all over the world, shipping costs to different areas, subject to local freight forwarders.
2. Standard order processing time is: 3 working days for stock, 20 working days for futures
3. Shipping: DHL, Federal, UPS (if you need to specify a shipping company, please contact the seller)
4. Free shipping to most areas within China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).
Normally, we will ship on the same working day, provided we have clear funds in our account. If you require this, please contact customer service.

Payment method:
2. Western Union Wire Transfer
3. PayPal
4. Credit Card  
Wire transfer: please contact us for payment instructions
International buyers who do not have PayPal: contact us before bidding

Buyers please choose the payment method according to the actual situation, if you have any questions, please contact the seller at !!!!!!

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