Foxboro Dcs

FOXBORO 0399144 SY-0301059F N1 New AUTOMATION Controller MODULE DCS PLC Module

Item No.: 0399144 SY-0301059F
product orgin: USA
Warranty: one year
Inventory quantity:10PCS
shipping port:xiamen
0399144 SY-0301059F
Xiamen XingRuiJia offers Foxboro 0399144 SY-0301059F DCS/PLC.
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Foxboro I/A System Components
FBM201 Card P0914SQ
FBM201 Terminals P0916AA
FBM201 Cable P0916DC
FBM202 Card P0926EQ
FBM202 Terminal P0916AC
FBM202 Cable P0916DW
FBM203 Card P0914SV
FBM203 Terminal P0916AE
FBM203 Cable P0916DC
FBM204 Card P0914SY
FBM204 Terminal P0916AG
FBM204 Cable P0916DC
FBM207b Card P0914WH
FBM207b Terminal P0916JS
FBM207b Cable P0916FJ
FBM207c Card P0917GY
FBM207c Terminal P0917MF
FBM207c Cable P0916FJ
FBM211 Card P0914TN
FBM211 terminal P0916BT
FBM211 Terminal P0916JT
FBM211 Cable P0916FJ
FBM214 Card P0922VT
FBM214 Terminal P0916BX
FBM214 Cable P0916DC
FBM216 Card P0922VV
FBM216 Terminal P0916BX
FBM216 Cable P0916DC
FBM217 Card P0914TR
FBM217 terminal P0916CA
FBM217 Terminal P0916PW
FBM217 Cable P0916FJ
FBM218 Card P0922VW
FBM218 terminal P0917XV
FBM218 Cable P0916DC
FBM237 Card P0914XS
FBM237 Terminal P0916CC
FBM237 Cable P0916DC
FBM242 Card P0916TA
FBM242 Terminal P0916NG
FBM242 Terminal P0916JY
FBM242 Cable P0916FJ