• GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101 Original PLC/DCS Module
  • GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101 Original PLC/DCS Module
  • GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101 Original PLC/DCS Module
  • GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101 Original PLC/DCS Module

GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101 Original PLC/DCS Module

No.GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101
product orgin: USA Warranty: one year Inventory quantity:10PCS shipping port:xiamen payment:T/T
  • GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101 Original PLC/DCS Module
  • GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101 Original PLC/DCS Module
Welcome to consult,GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101, We will provide the best service for you!

About Us
Xiamen Xingruijia Import & Export Co.
Our company was established on May 20, 2010, located in the beautiful Heron Island-Xiamen, is a company that has specialized in the sales of spare parts for large imported systems (centralized control systems, programmable controllers, redundant fault-tolerant control systems, robot systems) for many years. 

With the efforts of our staff and the support of our customers and industry colleagues, our business has been expanding rapidly. We have implemented a flat sales model in order to save time and cost for our customers and provide them with solutions. 

For a long time, we have been committed to solving difficult problems in the procurement of spare parts products and providing customers with comprehensive and thoughtful services such as the purchase and sale of electrical and industrial control automation equipment and on-site commissioning. Our company has been established for more than ten years, adhering to the purpose of focus, professionalism and specialization, hoping to provide users with quality services and guaranteed products. 

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions about DCS system If you are interested in learning more or have any questions about DCS system and instrumentation products, welcome to pay attention and feel free to leave a message!

We have the following series of products
PLC : AB, ABB, GE , Schneider
DCS : ABB, Foxboro, Westinghouse, YOKOGAWA 
ESD : Triconex, HIMA, BENTLY, ICS 
Excitation card : ABB, GE
Yokogawa : CS3000 system CPU controller module, analog module
Yaskawa. Robot servo controller, servo motor, servo drive
Rexroth Indramat: I/O modules, PLC controllers, drive modules
VIBRO-METER: VM600 MPC4 VM600 CMC16 VM600 IOC4T Vibration sensors.
Speed sensors, eddy current sensors, monitoring system modules gateway communication modules.

Standard order processing time is 3 business days 
Products will be packaged according to international standards. 
International shipping. DHL / EMSPOST / TNT/UPS

Warranty and Return.
1. 1 year warranty, 30 days refund or replacement.
2. return to base warranty, any type of power failure / combustion / physical damage / tempering seal will void the warranty

Payment Method.
2. Western Union Wire Transfer
3. PayPal
4. Credit Card  
Wire transfer: please contact us for payment instructions
International buyers who do not have PayPal: contact us before bidding.

1. Q: The price of other suppliers is better than yours, why?
A: "Creating more benefits for our customers" is our belief, if you have a better price. Please let us know and we will try our best to meet your price and support you.

2. Q: We haven't worked together before, how can we trust you?
A: For our first order, you can pay 50% in advance and we will pay when we are ready to deliver the goods. Payment will be made when we are ready to deliver the goods.

3.For others, please refer to our website:

ABB     NTLS01   
ABB     NTR002-A 
ABB     NIMP01 
ABB     IISAC01 
ABB     IEPU02 
ABB     NSSM01ABB     8025-235
ABB     G3ESa HENF318736R1
ABB     E3EB HENF315129R1 
ABB     O3ES HENF445789R1
ABB     O3EGb HENF315118R2
ABB     E3EP HENF315276R1 
ABB     O3EHa HENF315087R2 
ABB     O3EC HENF442581R1
ABB     P5EAa HENF206350R2
ABB     G3ENa HENF450268R2 
ABB     P3EB HENF315223R1 
ABB     O3EX HENF315845R2 
ABB     P3EDb HENF452778R1 
ABB     B3EA HENF315147R1 
ABB     P3EA HENF315216R1 
ABB     NWX511a-2/R HESG112548R12 
ABB     P3ECa HENF315309R2 
ABB     O3EId HENF452777R3
ABB     E5EAA HENF105240R1 
ABB     B5EEd HENF105082R4 
ABB     G3EFa HENF450295R2 
ABB     G3EB HENF315768R1 
ABB     G3FK HENF452878R1 
ABB     G3FCb HENF458568R1
ABB     E3EFa HENF452750R1 
ABB     B5EC HENF105077R1
ABB     O3EEb HENF318176R1 
ABB     E3EC HENF315125R1 
ABB     G3EA HENF315754R1 
ABB     G3FD HENF452692R1 
ABB     G3FE HENF452697R1 
ABB     BDD110 HNLP205879R1 
Allen-Bradley( Rockwell ): 1756,1785,1771,1746,1747,1769
Schneider: QUANTUM,MODICON,140 Series / 140CPS11420 /140CPU67060/140CPU65260/
General electric: IC693/IC697/IC695/DS200..
EMERSON-DeltaV: KJ3222X1,KJ3202X1...5X00622G01/VE3008 /1C31203G01/SE3008/SLS1508
EMERSON-EPRO: A6110,MMS6210,PR6423 /PR9268 /PR6426 / PR9376 /MMS6823R / PR9268/201-000 /A6824
ICS: (T8403,T8431,T8451,T8461...)
Woodward: SPC valve position controller, PEAK15
Bently Nevada: 3500/3300/330180-Cable...  1900-65A、3500/40M、3500/42M、3500/20、3500/15 、3500/60
Triconex: 3008/3511/3625/3664/3721/3700A/3805E/4351B/3703E/ 3503E / 3721 / 3301 / 3625 /3625C1 / 3708E/
Honeywell: 51/MU/MC/TC/CC/8C ... CC-PAON01/ CC-TDIL01 / CC-TCF901 / 05701-A-0301/ 05704-A-0121 / CC-PDOB01
ABB: Industrial robot parts of DSQC series,Bailey INFI90, DCS(AI810, DI810 PM645), S900I/O OCS(07KT97/98,07AC)5SHY4045L0004/5SH series/PPD113/PM511V16/PM866/PM series/PP836/ PP846 series/PFEA111-65/PFEA tension controller series/
HIMA: (F3330,F3236 ,F6217,F7126,F8621A....) F3236/ Z7126 / F8650 / F3 DIO 8/8 01 / F8627
Foxboro: FBM203/204/217/231, FCP240/270