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GE DS200LDCCH1ANA US original, in stock

Item No.: DS200LDCCH1ANA
product orgin: USA
Warranty: one year
Inventory quantity:5PCS
shipping port:xiamen
Product Description
The GE Drive Control/LAN Communications Board DS200LDCCH1ANA features multiple microprocessors that provide control for the drive, motor, and I/O functions. It also provides control for the LAN network. The GE Drive Control/LAN Communications Board DS200LDCCH1ANA is populated with four microprocessors and each microprocessor is assigned a separate function. One microprocessor provides drive control processing. One microprocessor provides motor control processing. One microprocessor provides co-motor processing. And one microprocessor provides LAN control processing.

If the board is not functioning properly or seems to be providing less than optimal performance, you might want to perform a soft reset on the board. A hard reset is when electric power is interrupted and the board must restart. When possible, this should be avoided and it should only occur if the drive malfunctions or a trip condition occurs that causes the drive to shutdown unexpectedly. For example, if an overload condition occurs the drive will automatically shutdown to protect the components and the motor.

The better option to restart the board is a soft reset. This is when power remains present in the board and is used to clear faults. One method of performing a reset is to press the Reset button on the board. Only a qualified individual should do this because power is present in the drive and there is a risk for electric shock or burn. It requires the servicer to reach into the board cabinet and press the Reset button. Press the button for about 5 seconds, then release the button.
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