• GE IC695CRU320CA  Controller module
  • GE IC695CRU320CA  Controller module

GE IC695CRU320CA Controller module

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  • GE IC695CRU320CA  Controller module
Adds native support for the IC694PSM001 module and resolves several issues. Also introduces new features to augment security in the CPU firmware and Proficy Machine Edition software. For details, see PACSystems RX3i CPU IC695CRU320 IPI, GFK-2514N

Adds the ability to monitor the new queue alignment flag provided by CMX/RMX Memory Xchange modules with firmware version 1.05 or greater. If a queue alignment problem is detected, the CPU retries the read operation where the problem occurred.

Corrects an issue in versions 7.15 – 7.70 that required setting OEM lock in Enhanced Security in order to preserve the OEM lock through a power cycle. Adds support for RX3i CMX/RMX modules version –CG (hardware version Cx with firmware version 2.00 and later).

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