• In Stock 51306673-100 Honeywell card
  • In Stock 51306673-100 Honeywell card

In Stock 51306673-100 Honeywell card

product orgin: USA Warranty: one year Inventory quantity: 10 PCS shipping port:xiamen payment:T/T
  • In Stock 51306673-100 Honeywell card
Shipping Port:Xiamen
Delivery Time:In stock
Shelf life: one year

Xiamen XingRuiJia offers HONEYWELL 51306673-100 DCS/PLC.
Xiamen Xingruijia Jenny will quote for you and provide one year warranty service.

I can assure you that if you buy our products, you will get good quality.
HONEYWELL 51306673-100 is not only high quality, but also has many models at affordable price

Professional sales of DCS and PLC control system spare parts of the world's famous brands. The company's main (advantage) products are distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), MOTOROLA MVME industrial modules, industrial control communication converters. (Anybus), remote output / input module (RTU), industrial computer (IPC), industrial low-frequency screen (IPC), human-machine interface SCSI (50,68,80Pin) AnyBus (Gateway) and other large industrial modules and zero component

Brand: ABB robot spare parts, Allen Bradley, Prosoft, ICS Triplex, GE, HIMA, Bentley Nevada, Bachmann, Schneider 140CPU, TRICONEX series, , Rexroth series, Westinghouse, Foxboro

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