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ABB Cup Smart Technology Innovation Competition marks final judging season

274 teams from 143 colleges and universities across China registered for the competition
The final winners of the competition will be announced in late October
Winners will win prizes and ABB's "green card" for recruitment through train
Since the competition began on March 28, the 2022 ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition has attracted 685 students and 274 teams from 143 universities and vocational colleges across China after six months of registration, Q&A, design and submission. This year's competition includes two groups of events, namely the Bergamot Motion Control Challenge Future Competition (Challenge Group) and the Intelligent Robot Application Software Development Competition (Competitive Group), which have entered the stage of final preparation or evaluation of works.

The Bergamot Motion Control Challenge Future Competition and the 2022 Bergamot Academic League Competition, in this year's competition, chose AGV carts as the controlled object to test the students' level of programming and control of drive motors and steering mechanisms, path planning and performance optimization. Contestants are required to combine PLC control, algorithm programming, digital twin, virtual debugging and other technologies to design and debug the system, and optimize the motion control algorithm and path design to maximize AGV efficiency, operating accuracy and energy efficiency.

After the submission deadline on September 5, the Challenge Group Competition Organizing Committee conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the project analysis and architecture design, control object modeling, programming, simulation test results, and thesis standards and specifications based on the competition criteria, and decided the finalists. The finalists will hold a final defense on October 11 and compete for the Grand Prize, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes and cash prizes. The finalists who are facing graduation will also get the "Campus Recruitment" through train to attend the "Open Day" held in October at Bergamot and get the opportunity to participate in the "Interview" directly. The opportunity of "interview".

The intelligent robot application software development competition takes "secondary development of new energy photovoltaic silicon wafer intelligent equipment" as the competition topic, and mainly examines the ability to develop and innovate in specific application scenarios by using robot application software. The contestants were required to complete two tasks: "development of application software for the robotic nesting system of PV cell string modules (70%) and application innovation (30%)", in order to further increase the stability and efficiency of the robot system, and to realize the optimization of the production process and efficiency improvement.

September 22nd is the deadline for submission of entries in the competitive category. Starting immediately, the competition judges will evaluate and score the functional interface views, typographic adjustments, production data monitoring, preventive maintenance, event logs, and innovative features developed by the contestants according to the task requirements. The contest will provide a total of 100,000 RMB for the first, second and third prizes, and the winners will also have the opportunity to receive ABB's "green card" for campus recruitment and internship positions.

Since the launch of the ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition, ABB has organized seven online live broadcasts, inviting technical experts to provide technical training and problem analysis for the contestants, as well as releasing a number of Q&A and experience-sharing videos of previous contestants, and launching a 3D cartoon image of ABB-e to endorse the competition, attracting a total online audience of over 20,000.

The ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition, jointly organized by ABB and the Chinese Society of Automation, aims to stimulate the innovation enthusiasm and potential of young students, select and cultivate outstanding talents who meet the needs of future manufacturing automation, digitalization and intelligence development, and promote the application of intelligent technology innovation and sustainable development of the industry. 17 years, the competition has been continuously iterated and upgraded, attracting more than 20,000 contestants to participate in the competition, through the exploration and The competition continues to empower the digital and intelligent development of the industry by tapping and cultivating innovative and complex talents and reserves.

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