• SLS1508 KJ2201X1-BA1  DeltaV SIS Smart Logic Solvers EMERSON  in stock,
  • SLS1508 KJ2201X1-BA1  DeltaV SIS Smart Logic Solvers EMERSON  in stock,
  • SLS1508 KJ2201X1-BA1  DeltaV SIS Smart Logic Solvers EMERSON  in stock,
  • SLS1508 KJ2201X1-BA1  DeltaV SIS Smart Logic Solvers EMERSON  in stock,
  • SLS1508 KJ2201X1-BA1  DeltaV SIS Smart Logic Solvers EMERSON  in stock,
  • SLS1508 KJ2201X1-BA1  DeltaV SIS Smart Logic Solvers EMERSON  in stock,

SLS1508 KJ2201X1-BA1 DeltaV SIS Smart Logic Solvers EMERSON in stock,

No.SLS1508 KJ2201X1-BA1
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  • SLS1508 KJ2201X1-BA1  DeltaV SIS Smart Logic Solvers EMERSON  in stock,
  • SLS1508 KJ2201X1-BA1  DeltaV SIS Smart Logic Solvers EMERSON  in stock,
  • SLS1508 KJ2201X1-BA1  DeltaV SIS Smart Logic Solvers EMERSON  in stock,
The EMERSON SLS1508 is a high performance single channel digital link module.
This module has the following features:
Single-channel design: the module has only one channel for applications that require a single data transmission channel.
High-performance transmission: Provides up to 150Mbps transmission rate to meet the needs of high-speed data transmission.
Compact size: Its size is only 40mm x 70mm x 105mm, which is very small and suitable for application scenarios with limited space.
Easy Installation: It supports DIN rail or screw terminal mounting, which is convenient for users to quickly install and replace in different environments.
Wide applicability: Due to its high performance and compact design, the module is widely used in various industrial automation and control systems.
To summarize, EMERSON SLS1508 is a powerful and high-performance single-channel digital link module that is particularly suitable for industrial applications that require high-speed and reliable data transmission.

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